Volunteer Opportunities

  • Help your classroom teacher or the admin staff

  • Participate in Jogathon, Book Fair, Mardi Gras or Carnival

  • Attend Family Club meetings

  • Serve on the Family Club Board

Other Support Opportunities

  • Purchase Browns Valley Bear Wear

  • Scholastic Book orders help your classroom’s library

  • Sign up for Escrip

  • Save Box Tops for Education and bring them to school! The school gets 10c for every top!

  • Shop at Amazon

  • Donate books to the BVES library

  • Donate supplies to the BVES garden

BV Family Club Meetings

First Tuesday every month

BVES Library


Descriptions for Helping at School:

□  Annual Auction Event (February):  Collect auction items, volunteer at event.

□  Art:  Help support Arts Attack instructor for your child’s class or throughout the year with prep.  

□  Jog-a-thon (September):  Mark laps, tally lap cards, and help at prize events on other dates.  JAT would love another chair.

□  Book Fair (Spring):  Take a shift at the annual book fair.  Monitor, locate books, and help with sales.  

□  Birthday Parties:  Help set up snack for Monthly Birthday party. Takes 1.5 hours a month.  Day of the week is flexible.

□  Hospitality:  Support our Hospitality chairs in running the Staff Holiday Luncheon & Staff Appreciation Luncheon.  

□  5th Grade Activities:  Support this year’s chair(s) in fundraising for Outdoor Ed, organizing Fun Day & Promotion.

□  Carnival (May):  Help plan the family fun event or work a shift during the Carnival.

□  Yard Duty Help during the lunch hour with monitoring lunch tables and playground.

□  Library:  Volunteer for 1 hour a week to check books in & out and shelf returned books.

□  Crossing Guard:  Assist with crossing students on Buhman Ave. at 8 A.M. & 2:40 P.M (until Traffic Patrol starts in P.M.).    

□  Office Help □  Data Entry/Word Processing/Directory □  Grant Writing □  School Pictures

□  Stocking of Emergency Prep Kits in each classroom □  Garden & Campus Beautification